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Free advertising for owners of Fuerteventura rental accommodation.

This website, along with many others, is owned and operated by Canary Islands Property Services (CIPS) Ltd.
Based in the UK, with partnering offices on each of the 4 major Canary Islands - CIPS Ltd specialise in the advertising, marketing and promotion of rental properties in Fuerteventura and the Canary Islands.

Our aim is to provide an unrivalled source of private, self-catering, holiday rental accommodation in Fuerteventura and the rest of the Canary islands to holiday makers around the world.

All our holiday rental property web sites are free for holidaymakers to use and to book Fuerteventura or other Canary island rental accommodation directly with the owners. Sites are funded through select advertising partners, customer donations and small fees from featured services. For a list of current holiday rental web sites run by Canary Islands Property Services (CIPS) Ltd click here.

Free property advertising:
We offer all our private holiday rental owners a cost effective platform to additionally or alternatively advertising their own holiday rental property(s). Your property(s) can be listed on multiple web sites all at once totally free!

CIPS Ltd advertise, market and promote your Fuerteventura or Canary Island property from several different angles:
On-line through a large selection of individually targeted websites - which we own. Partner websites, many social media platforms such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, News feeds as well as using a variety of other advertising sources to exposure your property to a wider audience.

Listing a property with us just once can potentially showcase it on several of our other property websites instantaneously as well as our social media pages, feed pages and any current holiday rental partner sites, giving it, at the very least, up to 10 times the exposure of placing a single advertisement elsewhere.

CIPS Ltd will further promote and market our websites and ultimately Fuerteventura and Canary Island accommodation listed upon them through various other means:
Half (50%) of any fees we obtain from customers using our extra services are put back into advertising campaigns; paid advertising, partners, publications and costs towards working with property agents in the UK and Europe.

CIPS Ltd also own a large selection of Canary Island related holiday rental web sites and a growing number of other sites too! We currently have over 100 other web sites related to either property or the Canary Islands which further promote our holiday rental sites and thus any property listed upon them. These sites are either owned by us or by our selective partners and provide yet another way to access your property details and increase its exposure to the general public.
Working together as a team and collectively using half of any monies generated, enables us to promote properties in a way that would otherwise be beyond the reach of or not be cost effective to individuals or to sites which offer to list your property for free.

Our sites rely mainly on donations from property advertisers, who generally do not mind donating a small percentage or a few Pounds / Euros each time they receive a booking for their holiday rentals. We believe that the harder we try and the more bookings we get for your holiday rental, the more likely we will receive a donation for doing so.
Donations are purely optional but go a long way in helping to keep the advertising of your holiday rental free.

A periodical newsletter is also available to all visitors of our sites which will inform them of the latest properties that have been listed, plus offers and late deals available on any properties listed with us.

Our Promise:
We work on the simple principle that... 'Your success is our success'. At CIPS Ltd we will always strive 100% to promote our websites and your property to the maximum extent possible.
We hope to form a lasting relationship with all our customers and if possible on a more personal basis through our network of social media sites. We hope our clients will come back time and time again to use us to showcase their properties and recommend us to others wishing to advertise their Fuerteventura accommodation.
We will always put the customer first and will constantly strive to adopt new and inventive ways to promote our services and your property.

Further information:
For more information about CIPS Ltd or any of our services please visit our company website, accessible by clicking the link at the bottom of all pages, read our general FAQ/Help link at the top of all holiday rental web pages or alternatively register for a free account and read the 'Help' section which contain even more information.

We hope you find our websites and services both helpful and useful to advertise or locate your Fuerteventura or Canary Islands holiday rental property...

The CIPS team.

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